YOUNG/DAY is a duo for voice-controlled electronics (Andrea Young) and prepared turntables (Michael Day) currently based in Los Angeles. Andrea Young 's music is developing through the innovation of a digital voice extension, a musical tool and interface that is forming the basis of a series of compositions dealing with the relationship of voice with its individual features, controlling potential, and various time mapping processes. It could be considered a digitally "prepared voice" and the resulting sound world she is choosing to work with is a voice-infused noise art. Young and Day's improvised music combines non-digitally processed electronics with digital, voice-controlled electronics and was born from the innate and disturbing similarities between the two instruments. Because of these similarities, mimicry and the morphology of sounds emerge while the slap of a tongue against the crunch of bow hair on vinyl interject musical inflections that take on a life of their own. They have performed at the Kyma International Sound Symposium in Brussels, Belgium, 2013, at the California Electronic Music Exchange Concert in San Diego with Braden Diotte, for SASSAS with Shackle in Los Angeles, in the music series ex im ot at Pehrspace, Los Angeles, and recently at The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), 2014, in Athens, Greece, and with Shackle at Splendor, in Amsterdam.

YOUNG/DAY and Shackle

In the Spring of 2014, YOUNG/DAY performed with Shackle, a duo from Amsterdam, who is Anne La Berge on flute/live electronics and Robert van Heuman on live electronics. The following audio are samples from The Shackle Affair with YOUNG/DAY sponsored by The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS), Los Angeles. The two duos will perform again on Sept.21, 2014, in Amsterdam.


On Sept. 19, 2014, at Romantso, Athens, Greece, YOUNG/DAY voice/noise/turntable fused with Alo's algorave beats and live visuals.